Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thread Review: Harem Pants

Harem pants are starting to push their way into mainstream clothing, so I decided to write a Thread Review about them. Harem pants can be noted by their low crotch and baggy side pockets. They have been a fashion trend in Asia for a while, and people have started wearing them over here in the states.

At first I thought they were kind of stupid, and then I saw someone wearing harem pants in a music video. I can't even remember what music video it was, but they guy wearing them was really pulling them off well. A couple days later I started googling them. I found a bunch of pairs on eBay and bought one for only $11. The pants came from China so the shipping was $10, so my total was about $23. I had to buy a size XL, though, because they were in Asian sizes. The interface on eBay did tell me that an Asian XL is equivalent to a US medium, so just make sure that you double check the size when ordering.
My pair of harem pants.
As you can see, my pair are less drastic than the one in the photo at the beginning of the article. I took a drastic fashion statement and bought a more wearable and less outrageous version, which I think can be done with many trends that are a little too crazy for the everyday. I've been trying different outfits with my harem pants for about a week now, and I think I've mastered how to correctly wear them. So, that being said, here are a few guidelines to help you nail the harem pants look: (after the jump)

Sneakers help to give a sporty look.
1. Stick to sneakers. Most of these pants are made of cotton or jersey, which just don't look that good with boots.  Also, the harem pant just gives off a sporty look, so sneakers just make sense. Some people wear them with gladiator sandals, which I don't mind, but don't love. I'm probably going to stick to sneakers.

2. Show a little leg. I personally think that when the pants cover the whole leg (as they do in the picture above), they look too much like normal sweatpants. If you roll the pant legs up and bunch them, you can accentuate the low crotch and unique cut of the harem pants. If you want to mimic how I wear my pair of harem pants, check out my "How To Achieve The Rolled Up Pants Look" article. Just go to the right side of the blog and click "How To" under the Labels heading.

So there you go, another Thread Review comes to a close. If you think you want to take a swing at this fashion forward look, you don't have to go any farther than your internet browser. Remember, I got my pair for about $23 dollars on eBay. So search around and buy a pair!