Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thread Review: Rainboots

In honor of Sandy, I decided it was time to do a post about a clothing item that I utilize more frequently than the average young man. Yes, my friends, I'm talking about rainboots. The weather is fucking ridiculous out there right now, and if you've been outside for more than a few seconds you've probably come to the realization that the nike shox, boat shoes, or flip flops that are on your feet are no match for a storm of this magnitude. So how long will it be until they start making shoes that keep your feet dry in a hurricane?!?!

Oh wait, they already have.

Men are scared of things like rainboots. They are for girls, and heaven forbid if a guy did something girly. Lately, though, clothing designers have been coming out with men's rainboots that are anything but girly. Here's a few types of footwear that will keep your feet nice and dry in the face of hurricane Sandy.

The Traditional Rainboot
 These are what you think of when you hear the word "rainboots." They usually come up to about mid calf and are the most effective way to keep your feet dry. The traditional rainboot can be anywhere from loud and colorful to plain black. Nowadays, everyone is wearing these name brand Hunter rainboots that are on the more expensive side. If you're like me and want to save some money, you can find decent ones for way less. I bought my pair Good Souls rainboots (the tan and orange ones above) on UrbanOutfitters.com for about $30 in the sale section. I've worn them a few times, and they really do the job. I like the laces as well as the orange soles, but there are hundreds of cheap pairs online that are simple like the black ones above.

The Sneaker Rainboot
Some people are afraid of the traditional rainboot. That used to be a dealbreaker for these people in general, but thanks to the sneaker rainboot those who want to blend in can have dry feet too. My pair, in the picture above, are much more low key than my tan and orange pair, and they are perfect for lighter weather. I got them at Aldo marked down to about $30. They had black and blue pairs as well, and I actually saw them in an Aldo store a few weeks ago. The laces on the sneaker rainboot help to give the look of a normal sneaker. Although my pair are plain, the green and yellow converse ones in the picture at the top of the article have a little more color and a little more style to them.

The Slip On
Sadly, I do not own a pair of these style of footwear. The slip on rainshoe is another newer addition to the rainboot family, designed to blend in even more than the sneaker rainboot. These truly are the rainboot for someone on the go. These shoes are small, so they easily fit into a backpack or other bag. We've all had those days where we know its going to rain later in the day but don't have a chance to go home and change in order to be prepared for the weather. It's kind of the same as packing a sweatshirt for when the nights get colder in the fall. The slip on rainshoe is exactly that.

Those are just a few popular versions of footwear that is going to help you out in the wetter times. So go ahead, hit up ebay and amazon, buy yourself a pair of rainboots, and next time a storm like Sandy comes around you won't be blow drying your running shoes every time you come in from the rain.