Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Basic Black Blazer

I love blazers. They are such a crucial step in maturing your wardrobe from "I still kind of dress like I did in high school" to "I'm kind of an adult and I sorta dress like one." Now that fall is starting, we are coming into the perfect weather to rock a blazer. This may be a big step for some of you, but once you get compliments on how good you look, I promise that you'll never want to go back.

Blazers can be tricky. It is very easy for you to look like you are trying too hard, and they are not always appropriate. Also, when people think "blazer" sometimes they think of someone wearing a full suit going to work, and they get scared. Throw the idea of a full suit out the window and don't let that scare you. I'm going to walk you through a few basic looks that will help you step up your wardrobe without taking too much of a risk.

The Basic Black Blazer
I think everyone should have a black blazer. it is perfect for stepping up any night outfit, and can be worn in a bunch of different situations. Photos by Jenna Kim.

Look 1
Look 1: Black Blazer and White Tee
This look is the safest and most basic, but also classic. What makes this look work so well is that it's simple, so put away all your man jewelery and accessories, because you won't need them for this. I start with just a white V-neck and a pair of grey or black jeans. You can technically wear dark blue jeans with this look, but I personally stick to grey. Now just add the blazer and either black sneakers or black boots and you're good to go. I usually wear my black Michael Kors watch, and even though the look should be kept simple, the watch adds a little bit of worth to it.

Step up Look 1 with some detailed pants.
Add a scarf to bring your black blazer into Fall.
Stepping it up: If you want to amp this look up, go crazy with the pants. I sometimes wear my detailed grey skinny jeans or red denim pants with the white shirt and black blazer.

Another way to step up the look is to add a scarf. It's perfect for fall and gives that extra style touch that some people like. If you add a scarf, I would avoid detailed or colored pants so the two don't compete for attention. I've also been known to use a pocket square to add some jazz to the blazer, but again, keep the pants basic if you're going to add the square.
Look 2


Look 2: Black on Black
People say that this is a fashion no-no, but I disagree. Match your black blazer with a black t-shirt and you're ready to go. Just don't wear black pants also or you'll look like you're going to a funeral.

Stepping it up: I've worn colored shorts with this look a few times and really liked it. It's not for everyone, but I think its a very fashion forward look. It's getting too cold for shorts, so try some colored pants.

Add a pair of colored pants to step up Look 2.
These are two basic looks that incorporate the basic black blazer, and you can mix and match depending on how dressed up or down you want to look. My personal rule of thumb: DON'T OVER COMPLICATE. People think that because they're wearing a blazer they have to wear this and that and the other thing on top of it. This is completely untrue. Just keep it simple, with little touches of flair, and you'll be ready to hit the clubs in these polished yet urban looks.