Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chris' Secrets: The White V-Neck

You're not going to believe it, and you're probably going to laugh, but I'm being dead serious. You know that part of my little mission statement where I tell you about how this blog is not GQ? Well, this post is sure proof of that. This is one of my biggest style tips, and I'm glad to finally share it with all of you. I wear these 3-pack v-necks almost every day. I prefer the Hanes and Jockey brands, because they are tagless and don't have any logos on the outside of the shirt, which cannot be said for the Polo Ralph Lauren versions. Yeah, I might be cheap for buying shirts out of a 3-pack, but I'd rather save the money on these because I wear them all them time and are constantly having to replace them.

Besides being budget friendly, these shirts are also extremely versatile. Honestly, there's never really a time to NOT wear a plain white v-neck, and it can be coupled with a pair of casual shorts, or put under a fancy blazer. Here's a list of ways that I use my white v-necks:

1.) Wear under a busy sweater or blazer. You have that chunky winter sweater, but its very loud and you can't really find anything to wear with it. That's where the white v-neck comes in. Just throw it under your favorite winter knitwear or blazer and you're ready to go.

2.) Wear as an undershirt and/or to avoid adding another color. I wear these v-necks underneath my denim or button down shirts, mostly because I think wearing a button down shirt and nothing else is just strange (plus I would sweat right through it). Similarly, if you're planning on wearing a cardigan, flannel, or vest with a lot of color or is very loud, you don't want to wear any other color that would battle with it.

3.) Wear alone to make your pants/shoes the statement piece. If you haven't read the 10 Style Rules, I suggest that you do. You can access the page by clicking the tab at the top of the page. Every well styled outfit should have a statement piece, and sometimes your shirt isn't that piece. By just wearing a plain white V-neck, you can avoid violating rule number 2 (don't overcomplicate) and fulfill rule number 3 (pick a statement piece). This look is great for the summer, and I know I'm gonna be wearing it many times from now into this coming Fall.

I have more style secrets, but this one is key to the way I dress. Take this advice and I promise you that you'll never again find yourself saying "This is so cool, but I don't know what to wear with it."

Photos by Jenna Kim